What Kind of Scholarships Are Awarded?

The Trustees of the Fund administer a scholarship program known as the ITPEU John F. Conley – Happy I. Franklin Scholarship Program. Each year this Program awards five 4-year scholarships for study at a college or university in amounts up to $15,000.00 per year. Each year, the Program also awards two 2-year vocational/technical scholarships in amounts up to $7,500.00 per year.

To qualify for a scholarship under the Program, a candidate must either be a high school senior who will graduate in January or June of the current school year or a high school graduate who is an eligible Employee. If the candidate is a high school senior, such candidate must be either an eligible Employee, or a son, a daughter, a step-son, a stepdaughter, or legally adopted child of an eligible Employee. If the candidate is an eligible Employee who is a high school graduate, such candidate must participate in the scholarship competition specified in Section 22.04 hereof in accordance with procedures specified by the College Scholarship Service/Sponsored Scholarship Programs. For the purpose of the Scholarship Program, an eligible Employee is one who has had at least 200 hours of employment with an Employer who contributes to the Fund on his behalf during the year of application.

A single application form is used to apply for one of the ITPEU John F. Conley-Happy I. Franklin scholarships. You may obtain an application from any ITPEU branch officer or directly from the Fund at the Fund's offices or download your application here from this website.

The application must be filed no later than December 1 for the applicant to be considered for a scholarship award in the following calendar year.