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Trustees Greeting



To All Participants:We are pleased to present you with this booklet, describing the ITPEU Pension Plan and its benefits. The Plan complies with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), as amended.

The Plan is financed entirely by employer contributions made in accordance with collective bargaining agreements between the Union and Employers.

A summary of the Plan's provisions and a brief discussion of some general facts of interest to you are presented in this booklet. To make all this information as understandable as possible, the booklet was written in clear, straightforward language. A question and answer format has been used. It contains a number of examples that illustrate different features of your Plan. In describing your Pension Plan in brief form, however, it is not possible to explain each and every detail. A complete statement of your rights under the plan is given only in the official text of the Plan which is found in Part III of the booklet.

The Board of Trustees of the ITPEU Pension Fund, as Administrator of the Plan, has engaged a third-party Contract Administrator, ERISA Systems, 67 Walnut Avenue, Suite 105, Clark, NJ  07066, Telephone (908) 276-0800, Fax (908) 276-0810, to handle the day to day administration of the Plan.

The benefits described in this booklet are in effect on the date that this booklet is published.
We suggest that you share this booklet with your family since they may have an interest in the Plan. Keep the booklet for future reference and let members of your family know where this booklet is being kept.

If you have any questions, the Contract Administrator will be happy to answer them.






Board of Trustees


Jerry Bowden, Co-Chairman

Jay Lipscomb, Vice Co-Chairman

Employer Trustees

Jerry Bowden 

Leonard Cabrera

Crescent Resources, LLC

Harold Gelber

Don James
Food Services Inc., of Gainesville

Jay Lipscomb

Frederick Smith  

John Ximenes

L5 Services, LLC




Dennis R. Arrington, Co-Chairman

John Brenton, IV, Vice Co-Chairman


Union Trustees

Dennis R. Arrington
P.O. Box 22699
Savannah, GA 31403

John Brenton, IV 
P.O. Box 22699
Savannah, GA 31403

Lena Bailey

9107 Marbach Road, Suite 110
San Antonio, TX  78245

Richard Lanigan
OPEIU International President
265 West 14th St., Suite 610
New York, NY 10011

Trina Williams

Denise Moore

Wilma Zimmerman


The Trustees of the Fund, or such Committees of Trustees or other representatives as they shall designate, shall have full authority in their absolute discretion to determine the nature and amount of benefits to be provided by the Plan, eligibility to participate in the Plan and eligibility to receive benefits from the Plan, together with all questions, policies and procedures relating thereto. All such decisions and determinations of the Trustees or their designees shall be final and binding on all Participants, beneficiaries and other interested parties. The Trustees have the right to terminate, suspend, amend or modify the Plan in whole or in part at any time.

Board of Trustee's Identification Number 58-1236802

Plan Number: 501 Plan Year

Fiscal Year End Date: June 30


DISCLAIMER: Information on this website is not a guarantee of the type or amount of any benefits. Your rights to eligibility and to benefits can only be determined by the provisions of the Plan Documents, which are subject to revision by the Boards of Trustees.